I am not brave. This sounds almost as if I assumed at one point in time that I possessed this trait. Actually, I am naturally inclined toward anxiety. There are times during this pandemic that I feel almost numb. Then, the fear and uncertainty of it all washes over me like cold water and I feel the need to gasp and steady my breathing. During these moments, tears, insomnia, and even irritability supersede any effort to remain calm. Hopefully, some of you can see yourselves as I see you…This blog post is dedicated to all of you, the brave ones.

To our medical heroes. You are brave. From the front lines of hospitals and clinics, you fight for others. You are in harms way, often at the expense of your safety, your family life, and sometimes, unfortunately, even your own.

To my fellow educators. You are brave. Providing an education for your students in new and different formats is challenging and you have stepped up to the plate. What we do is a calling. I applaud you.

To the Class of 2020. You are brave. All I can say is how sorry I am that you and your parents are missing milestones that cannot be replaced. My son graduated last year and this would break my heart as a parent. There will be new, wonderful memories to be made, but no one should deny your disappointment.

To the essential workers. You are brave. My husband is one of you. I pray for his safety, as well as yours, and pray that our families stay well. You keep the country going, stock the shelves, build the ships… and you are vital.

To the parents. You are brave. Many of you are working from home and doing school with your children. Remember that you do not have to be just like the teacher. If you are a single parent, I pray extra blessings and grace for you.

To the one who lost a job. You are brave. Life is not fair for you right now. Do not give up. So many are praying for you….there will be better days ahead. Keep going.

To the students. You are brave. Adapting to a new way of learning and isolating from friends are hard on their own much less at the same time. Give yourself grace. This will strengthen you in the long run.

Finally, to my three children… you are the bravest people I know and I love you. One of you has had to leave close friends and roommates and an inaugural college baseball season. Another is also isolated from friends and is still waiting to wear the beautiful ball gown in the closet for the spring ball. The youngest is somewhat confused but understands enough to know that he misses his friends… he asks about them daily.

Thank you for being brave. Because you are, I will be, too.

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