The Escatawpa River is fairly quiet right now. This isn’t normal for spring…. but nothing is right now.

Easter is my favorite holiday. I love it, not only for its Christian significance, but because of the memories I have as a child. My Mamaw used to make all my Easter dresses and my momma always bought me a new pair of white patent shoes. I remember hunting for eggs we had dyed and sometimes one would get overlooked and start to smell in our yard. As a mother, Easter has meant finding the perfect outfits for my children as well as making sure they understand the spiritual significance it holds for us as Christians. I also must add that spring is my favorite season because it has always meant watching our son play baseball and watching plants bloom after the winter. Easter and spring signify new life.

This spring has definitely been anything but normal. What has struck me, though, is how some things never change regardless of the circumstances. Just this morning, I’ve headed off my little one’s hissy fit so my husband can sleep off night shift. This is fairly typical for our house. The dog has managed to pee and poop on the rug even though I just took him outside. He’s probably mad because I bathed him. My older two still ask. “What is there to eat?” several times a day. When I checked the mail yesterday, I took some pictures of the cows and the wildflowers. The woodpeckers were working on their respective trees, and dragonflies darted around. Nature goes on as intended, vastly unaware and unconcerned about a worldwide pandemic.

Since we’ve been out of school, several things have changed. I’m cooking more. The house is neater. We spend more time together as a family. I’ve also seen changes outside our home. People are more unselfish, patient, kind. This reminds me of how things were after Hurricane Katrina… neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger. The small things are the big things. And it’s wonderful. The juxtaposition is that a pandemic has seemingly made us come back to what’s important…. and there’s nothing normal about that.

I will never forget these precarious times. I wouldn’t want to, for I’ve been broken into a million pieces with the realization that MY normal hadn’t been what it should be. I hadn’t put my faith and my family first. And as I internalize my new normal, my new priorities, I must go now. The dog needs food and so do the children. Some things never change. Thank goodness for that.

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