I need a five… and a one, I guess. These are not supposed to be on my wall. Hmmm.

During the school year, I have one set rule when we get home from school, cheer, games, errands… whatever it is. For five minutes, I get a hot shower. By myself. Uninterrupted. Or that’s how it’s supposed to work. I am a preschool teacher. Preschoolers require lots of one on one attention. The job is a combination of physical and mental stamina, similar to parenting. So when I come home to my own teenagers, husband, and preschooler, that five minutes is not a luxury. It is essential.

Since being quarantined, that five minutes is not always available to me. Between preparing lessons and work packets for my students, keeping up with laundry, housework, and feeding five people, taking a break does not happen often. Some days are better than others. There are so many posts on social media about being Supermom and being thankful one hundred percent of the time we are with our children. I have had a BLAST being at home, but these types of posts make it easy to feel guilty about having an “off” day. Today has been that day.

The morning started with my husband getting up, going outside, and setting off the car alarm… at 4:15. I am not a morning person. The dog began to squeal at 5:50 and my toddler followed suit at six. So much for sleeping in. I had a two-hour Zoom meeting, then it was time for lunch and nap. “Um…. who fried pork chops and left grease everywhere?” I thought. The rest of the kitchen did not look much better. My little one was NOT about taking a nap today, either. Great.

By this time of day, I have usually done some housework, played with my little one, and worked a little. Nothing was getting done except the little one and I both stepped in dog poop (our dog is STILL not house trained), and then he stepped in it again. The mail didn’t pick up my package and I had to redo some work I thought was correct. I figured a hot shower (and five minutes alone) would be the ticket. Little did I know that my husband, toddler, and daughter were walking in the bathroom together as I was standing there about to get in the shower! Typical!

I guess what I am trying so say is that during this challenging time and, really, any time… it is okay and necessary for moms to take “five minutes”, whatever that means to you. Honestly, I cried for five minutes today, and I just really needed that. Praying, listening to music, taking a shower, and, yes, sometimes even crying for a few minutes is what can make us better moms. I hope you find your five minutes sometimes today… and every day. You ARE doing a wonderful job.

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