Sewanee, TN, where my son visited last year. It was beautiful, but he is happily playing baseball for my alma mater, Hinds Community College.

This time last year…..

I had just started a blog. It was exciting and I would write once a week… mostly funny things. Getting older and the perils of shopping for Mardi Gras formals were the “choix de jour”. It was funny to me and (hopefully) slightly entertaining.

My son was a senior in high school. We were navigating scholarships, prospects for playing college baseball, and graduation invitations. Dorm shopping had commenced.

My daughter was still a girl. No talk of driver permits or even plans after high school.

The baby was still a baby.

This time last year….

I had hopes, dreams, and fears.

And now?

I still have hopes dreams, and fears… albeit different.

Writing is tricky. It takes time. Honestly, blogs are tough at times. . I’d love to be an open book, but life isn’t always funny and cute. I love it and will continue.

My first-born has settled into dorm life. He’s a good student and athlete with a good head on his shoulders….. but I miss him. I miss Nerf Gun wars and prayers at night.

My daughter is almost sweet sixteen. She’s getting ready to drive and talks of future plans. But I miss Build-A-Bears and shopping at Justice.

My last baby, a toddler now out of diapers. Our surprise miracle. He’s getting so big…. too fast for me.

A lot can change in a year.

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