The occasion of a person’s birth

This beautiful nativity ornament is from a friend of mine.

This Christmas I received three different nativity ornaments. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten three ornaments at one time with a similar theme. I have a nativity scene in my home and one nativity ornament. Now I have four nativity ornaments, and I’m very pleased. Not one to believe in accidents, the timing of these ornaments is interesting. This year has been one of growth and with growth comes growing pains. Obedience is tough…. tougher when we can’t see the fruits of our struggles.

To be honest, I started this particular blog a couple of weeks ago. Okay…. three weeks ago. What with Christmas, back to school and work, a toddler, and a new puppy, I didn’t finish it. So here we are in January and my blog photo is a Nativity. I tend to celebrate LEADING up to Christmas, and the blasted tree that’s shedding profusely on my floor comes down ASAP (i.e. December 26). This year, however, I continued to enjoy it for several days afterwards. My Nativity in the living room is still on display.

During this Christmas season, I thought often about Joseph and Mary. What were their plans? I’m certain Joseph fully expected to marry this innocent girl and provide as he should. He probably thought about future children and maybe how he could teach a future son his trade. For her part, Mary was probably excited and nervous as a bride-to-be and was making preparations with her family for a wedding. That’s not what they got, though.

And I thought that this might be an illustration for our lives….the job loss, the health crises, the wayward child, the strained finances, the faltering marriage….no wonder we lose hope for better times.

But God had something better for Joseph and Mary than what they had planned. Actually, He gave them His best….. His perfect son.

God has something better for you, too. You might not see it yet, but His timing is perfect and so is His provision.

And they were obedient to His calling….even though it was uncomfortable and they didn’t fully understand. We must push on and not lose hope, either.

The Nativity… the birth of Christ, our Savior, our hope.

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