This cover picture doesn’t match the title. It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you. I thought it was beautiful. I had tried a new cake recipe which overflowed in the oven… THEN I tried to auto clean the oven and we almost had to move. The smell was horrendous…. I had to go outside and got a few minutes of quiet. This in itself is a miracle, as I have three kids and a husband. My oldest is 18 and very independent. My middle is 15 and still needs me from time to time. The youngest is two so that’s self-explanatory! Add my job as a teacher, and quiet time is literally a miracle.

For a long time now, I’ve been praying for a miracle. You may call it a need or prayer request…. it’s a coveted miracle, none the less. Maybe I should add that I’m not a Hallmark-type girl. I’ve seen maybe three of these movies. They are full of miracles! There is NOTHING wrong with watching them. It’s just not my “thing.” The happy endings are sometimes hard to believe.

Are you waiting on a miracle? Does it ever seem like it will never come? I was thinking about this today as I had a hard conversation and processed some hard realizations. Maybe the miracle is in the waiting. The fact that you or I continue to wait and pray when the miracle hasn’t happened is a sign of faith… and faith is belief in things (and a Heavenly Father) unseen. Maybe the miracle is in the person we become in the waiting…. God’s way of changing us into the person he uses to help someone else. Maybe the miracle is in the strength God either gives us to fight one more day or in the strength of others he has ordained to cross our paths.

The miracle may not come right away, but God does miracles every day. He can do miracles along the way while we await an answer to all our prayers in the form of a friend to help carry our burdens , a strength we didn’t know we possessed but found when pushed to the limit, or even unexpected quiet time to experience His peace that passes understanding. Miracles come in all forms… even while we wait.

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