The sunrise down our road. Not bad. Not bad.

I had some funny pictures I could have used for this blog tonight. One is pretty popular right now. It says “Clocking In” (beautiful Barbie) and the other says “Clocking Out”(Barbie looks like she went through the Apocalypse). I am also proud of a recent Facebook picture that a friend posted of me. I’m guiding my preschoolers around a fire truck and look like Viola Swamp. Meanest. Teacher. Ever. The sun was in my eyes and brought out my forehead wrinkles. Y’all stop with the jealousy RIGHT NOW. So… you get the pretty sunrise picture instead. My sense of humor rivals my photography skills… a little left of center and questionable at times. Not inappropriate, mind you, just interesting. A friend mentioned today she hadn’t seen me write a new blog post in awhile. Also, I met the nicest lady at the dance studio and I mentioned that I had written a blog post about “keeping up with the So and So’s” (she and I were discussing small town things). She asked for my blog address and I changed the subject by asking her about a school TWO towns away. Y’all. I’m not the brightest star today.

I haven’t written in awhile. Am I afraid that lady’s going to read my blog and not like it? Have I not written out of a sense of fear? Let’s see. I have diagnosed myself with blog ADD. I’m serious. I could sit and just write and write, but separating subject matter is an entirely different challenge. Husband’s recovery from major back surgery. Oldest at college. Teenage daughter. Toddler. Preschool adventures. The most unflattering picture of me, EVER. Yes, it deserves its own entry🤣. Material for days. Also, I try not to entirely embarrass my family. Blogs are serious AND funny…. filtering one’s personal life is tricky when trying to relate personal experiences with the reader. There’s so much I’d love to share and will when it’s appropriate. We all like to think someone else understands our struggles (or sense of humor!).

All this to say that I’m going to be writing about having a child in college, raising strong daughters, being tired a lot🤣 (really, y’all), being middle-age with a toddler, and getting up fighting when you just want to throw the towel at someone/something/life. So take care this weekend. Sip your coffee, say a prayer, look at the sunrise, or, when it’s too much…. take a nap and call it a day. I got your back. And I won’t even tell the So and So’s.

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