Cue the violins.

Not today, Satan. Oh, boy. Isn’t that one of those memes/sayings that’s rampant on social media? Well, somebody didn’t want me to write this because my phone kept freezing up, so there you go. Also, I’m “living my best life” today. Just kidding. I used that phrase because I’m middle-age and I can’t help it. See this picture above? This is not only the latest text I’ve sent my husband, but also the the subject of our last conversation. Cue the violins.

During a conversation with another mom this week, she said that her life feels like it’s in a rut. Go to work. Come home. Take care of family life. Repeat. Lady, you read my mind. The only difference is that I’m weird and think of it as a real-life scene from Groundhog Day. Poor Bill Murray….. wash clothes, go to Wally World, make 1432 doctor’s appointments,help with homework, go to work. You get the jist.

Staying in my lane is hard. (my new phrase… also a popular saying. I’m so cool😂) I’ll just merge into Suzy Q’s lane. Suzy got it going on. Weekend getaways with the hubby… and even sometimes with her girlfriends. Suzy Q just got off a magazine cover and I have back sweat from being out at recess. I used to think I should have finished nursing school. “You’re a nurse? So glamorous!” Those medical shows don’t help, either. I’m pretty sure there are no Dr. McDreamer what’s-his-names in EVERY hospital. After my husband’s surgery, I realized there wasn’t one glamorous task assigned to his nurses. These nurses worked hard and did lots of seemingly menial jobs. It made me appreciate what I do every day as a teacher. It’s important. Every job is important. Don’t compare. Be who God created you to be.

I’m beginning to feel as if my blogs are unpredictable (kinda like if I’m going to wake up with “eye bags” or not). Wait. I always wake up with eye bags. My bad! And isn’t that the struggle? It’s the same thing EVERY. STINKING. DAY. Wash the same clothes, unload the dishes, AGAIN. Get on that homework, Junior. And why did I register for all that stupid china 124 years ago when I got married? We don’t entertain. It sits in the china closet mocking me. All my hopes and dreams in a pattern of cream and gold called “Eternal”. Eternal? Yeah, this house is eternally cluttered. Go to the meeting. Pay the bills. It’s enough to make me hide in the pantry with my devotional and a Keurig (cause I’m basic).

What’s a girl to do? Ima copy and paste this because I say the same thing every time. The answer is… I don’t have an answer. I will say this, though. Don’t go there, and if you should traipse through this place called Status Quo, take a detour. Try a new restaurant, leave the housework undone and go outside or get really defiant and go to Target. Look around you at the simple beauty of a flower or a bird (we have cows where I them). Thank God for your family, your job, your life. Don’t feel guilty about getting down sometimes. God gave us a variety of emotions. I’m a happy person, but y’all….. I can’t smile constantly. It ain’t natural😂!

Now I’m going to get out of my own rut and do something wild and crazy. Book and bed. That’s right! I’m doing something for me. It doesn’t cost anything and I’ll be better mother and wife for it.

Cue the violins.

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