This has been a busy, blessed, and hard time in my life. Hard doesn’t mean “bad”. It’s a time of growing pains. Growing pains are a sign of life. Life is good. If you’re struggling, don’t give up.

It’s been so long since I’ve written, I’ll probably say something I already said. I’m tired. You know the meme that says, “God…” and all the prayers spill out and are jumbled? Yep. Guilty over here. My writing seems to reflect my prayers… except that I pray a heck of a lot more than I write. I miss this. I also miss writing about getting stuck in Mardi Gras dresses, botched hair highlights, and babies that make Mama Bear delirious from lack of sleep. You know, the funny stuff. Sometimes life doesn’t hand us stand-up material. That’s okay. I usually think it’s funny anyway.

I started this blog back in December (the olden days of walking uphill both ways five miles in the snow). Yep. Still a newbie. Wet behind the ears. AMATEUR. Much has changed. Much is still the same. I’m still an amateur. I’m also tired Oh, yeah. I mentioned that in the first paragraph… sorry! I wish I waxed poetic like No Mama’s Perfect, wrote eloquently like Amy Weatherly, or was hilarious like Whoa Susanna. ”Tis me, though, and ‘its me you’ll get.

Blogs are a tricky sort (I’ve been watching Hallmark and love my new vocabulary 😂). Some of the aforementioned bloggers share LOTS. There is always a fine line between relating to others’ experiences and giving up a part of one’s privacy. I want so badly to share personal experiences and struggles because I know everyone has their own battles, so maybe there’s a small chance I’m not the weird one! Or, better yet, MAYBE I can encourage someone else struggling with the same hurts. My intention is never to make anyone uncomfortable or sound like I’m “whining”. I’m a firm believer that we all can come together in our similar states.

Another trait I hope to possess is the ability to be real. I always appreciate the memes that say something like, “If the grass is greener on the other side, it’s probably full of crap.” Or, “Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s 5000 filters.” I, for one, have never used a filter on a photograph or otherwise (I’m not referring to “bad” language… I’m just very generous with my insights, i.e. opinionated😂). Never do I presume to know everything (or anything… especially after teaching and attempting to raise my own children). I just like real people. Remember, real doesn’t equal rude.

This particular blog post is sounding a lot like Seinfeld… a lot about nothing! Between my husband’s back surgery, going back to work, and moving my oldest to college, I’ve just fallen behind on writing…. and I’ve missed it. I’ve changed. Yes, it’s possible. I’ve changed in just a few weeks, and I’ll bet you’ve done this, too. Life is full of change, and not all of it is bad. But more on that later. In the meantime, have a happy weekend, and I just wanted to drop by and say hey. Next time, I promise to discuss hair color, ballgowns, or better yet, my ever-evolving sleep habits. Have a great weekend!

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