When it comes to writing a blog, I’ve set a few rules for myself. First of all, I try not to write when I’m overly tired or don’t feel well. Also, I try not to write when I’m emotional. Well, you know what they say about rules. I’m tired AND sick tonight. Or is it sick and tired? Sick of being tired? Whatever. I’m not a glass half empty or half full type of gal. I’m sort of a realist… the glass has something in it. So if you’re reading this, understand that I’m not complaining. Facts are facts, and teachers work harder than most people realize. You get what you get with this blog and don’t fuss a bit (I forgot we’re adults here… sorry I’m still in preschool mode).

This has been a fantastic month. This has been a hard month. Work, home, and social events have come at me faster than I can finish my to-do list. Before I go on, let me explain what happens when I personally get so tired that I’m not functioning well (you’re going to love it). Within a thirty minute span, I managed the following yesterday morning ( y’all try not to get jealous ).

1. I was brushing my teeth and a huge glob of toothpaste went down my shirt.

2. I stepped in the shower and promptly took my towel with me.

3. I lost the hair dryer (you read it correctly).

4. I sat on the toilet without pulling down my unmentionables (sorry, but I couldn’t let this one go).

We have a winner.

I could have as easily called titled this “Parent Tired.” We raise our children, try to have friends, go to church, go to work, and the list doesn’t stop. I also performed the above feats on two nights of MINIMAL sleep and an ensuing cold. But as a parent who is also a teacher, I can attest to the fact that there’s nothing like “teacher tired”. What we do the whole month of May is comparable to working retail on Black Friday. Oh, yes, most of us have families, as well. It’s not for the weak or meek. We don’t do it for the money, so I can assure you I do what I do because I think it’s challenging and fun. Here are some ways you know that you have reached the level of teacher tired.

  1. Your classroom is cleaner than your house.
  2. Your house looks like someone shook it and everything landed “wherever.” ( see #1)
  3. You’ve put off doctor appointments, hair appointments, and getting groceries so you can go straight home after work.
  4. Your car looks like you live in it.(see #1 AGAIN)
  5. Supper is whatever your family can find to microwave, slap on some bread, or otherwise pour in a bowl with milk…… for the fifth night in a row.
  6. You can’t relax. I had some time over spring break to sit on the porch with a magazine. Ummm, nope.
  7. Saturday and Sunday just aren’t enough anymore.
  8. You come home to your own child and don’t have much to give in the way of time or energy (this is where I get emotional)
  9. You look forward to summer so you can clean and clean out closets (see #1… it’s really popular
    You share the same bedtime with your own children.

I know it’s hard, teachers. Rest is coming soon. You’re good at what you do and no one can replace your influence in your classroom. What you do matters, even on the days you feel unsure of yourself. So hang on for a little longer, and please hang up your towel before you step in the shower.

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