Yep. I see y’all. I’m talking to the Pollyanna princesses on Facebook who have cleaned, cleaned out, and cleaned up. I’m proud of y’all and you just keep on doing your thing and doing you.

I have on yesterday’s stretch pants and sweatshirt. I washed my hair Tuesday. Monday? I’m mad at myself because I accidentally deleted my first draft of this blasted entry and I had funnier stuff to say. For two weeks, I have done what I’m NOT going to refer to as procrastination. What? Yes, I know where my teacher bag is. I found it today. It’s next to scrapbook photos I’ve been meaning to organize… for three years. See?

It’s hard sometimes. It just is. I get on overload. There have been several studies that suggest multitasking is a bad thing because one doesn’t really complete a task….or complete it well. Do you ever get a burst of inspiration and just go for it? I decided at 8:40freaking5 tonight to clean toilets. Probably because I felt “less than” after reading Facebook.😂

Here is a piece that all us “anxious” (i.e.) overachieving ladies need to read.

Goodnight and rest well knowing you are doing your best.

2 Timothy 1:7

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