The illustrious planner…. it really does help.

Admittedly, I’m a little anxious about starting back to school tomorrow….. not because I don’t love my co-workers or enjoy what I do. I worked on my planner today, and my calendar is already full. I haven’t even penciled in baseball games yet 😬. It’s a combination of reasons, I guess.

Over Christmas holidays (two weeks), I kept a clean house, cooked, and my husband and I even painted our room. Oh, yeah! I forgot that I also cleaned out my car. I know that with the start of school, this sense of organization goes out the window. Oh well. A person can dream.

Let’s get down to the real reason. It’s second semester, my senior’s last semester in high school EVER. Our youngest looks up the stairs every day and calls out his big brother’s name. What do I do when Clark is gone off to college and Aaron keeps calling his name? Our daughter, Becca (ninth grade), and Clark are buddies. They really are. Who does she play video games with and talk to sometimes late at night?

I know that I shouldn’t be anxious about my students, my schedule, graduation . All of these things are GOOD. I’m going to take a deep breath and take one day at a time…. no matter what the planner says. Here we go.♥️

One thought on “Here We Go

  1. I have some of those same concerns. Most people do when returning to a work with a “little” chaos and some big changes. I’ve been concerned about our seniors moving on as well. We must trust God… ultimately … He’s in control anyway 🙂 Thanks for taking time to blog…


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