We look twelve. Also, my waist isn’t photoshopped because this was back in the Iron Age and no one did that.
A spray tan and giddiness are the best accessories. Charleston was like Disney for people who want peace and quiet.

Not gonna lie. Last year was the Big One. Year 25 to be exact. I’d spent 24 years asking to go to Charleston, South Carolina, and just like a middle-age Cinderella, I got my wish. We planned (I planned) for months. I didn’t know what I was doing, but when we got to Charleston, it was very apparent that my research paid off. It. Was. Heavenly. As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning and contemplating the 324 errands and appointments I have, it makes me wistful. Okay. I’m pouting. I’m not ungrateful. But my “love language” is Quality Time. My husband and I have a hard time finding it. If you see any, feel free to shove it our way. Thanks!

This year is different. NOT bad… just different. We’ve got one that’s grown and flown and we miss him. Our only daughter is about to fly and college preparations have been in full swing. We also have Little Guy and childcare is sometimes hard to come by. I’m a teacher and this is the time I begin going to my classroom. Life is just busy. That’s normal at our stage in life.

If you’re not Laura Ingalls or a 25 year old pop star, don’t bother looking for clothes here.

So what’s a busy couple to do for an anniversary when time is limited? Well, first of all, one must ask the mother in law five minutes before heading to Target if she will babysit Little Guy. Don’t ask ahead of time. Live on the edge. Step two is putting on jeans and a tee shirt previously worn the day before. That’s key. Thirdly, don’t worry about touching up makeup or anything fancy like that. Go to Target, shop mainly for the children whilst discussing doctor’s appointments, then go through Whataburger on the way home. There. Isn’t that nice?

So today we’re celebrating low key. My husband gave me flowers. God gave me a rainbow. And I’ll work on my classroom a little. After all, it IS our anniversary. Gotta save some time for that Yahtzee game with my husband and Little Guy. 💗

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