Five snowmen for the five members of my family… I actually have about twenty of these.

I am not crazy about my Christmas tree this year. I picked it out. Same lot. Same type of tree. Same size. I flocked our tree last year, so I flocked this year’s tree, too. It looks “meh.” The flocking did not stick well. The branches on this tree are leggy, and they have more space between them. I could not hang all my sentimental ornaments because of this. The upside is that the tree looks like we plucked it out of the woods. Like I said, it even has that just snowed on look. It will be a good Christmas anyway.

I am not finished shopping (or wrapping). I think it may be because I gave all my energy to working and other day to day tasks. I usually love to wrap and watch Christmas movies. You know that feeling of looking at the laundry pile but not being motivated to fold it? That is how I feel looking at the rest of my Christmas to/do list. I will finish everything before Christmas and it will be a good Christmas.

I coordinated outfits for weeks, shopped, booked a photographer, coordinated schedules including making sure our oldest was home from college and my husband was not working shifts. Basically, I performed a feat of engineering. The family portraits were perfect and I spent hours poring over Christmas card choices online. The cards never arrived after I ordered them. I am disappointed, but we will still have a good Christmas.

A good Christmas does not have to be perfect. Life is not perfect. But life is good. Have a very merry… and good Christmas.

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