It’s all going to be ALL right!
Corinthians 12:9

This is going to be a quick one. Wait. I’ve used that line before. Oh, well. This IS going to be a quick one. There. The time change is messing with me, so I’m staying awake and will pay dearly tomorrow. What with church, groceries, and International Women’s Day, it’s been a busy one. I had never heard of this day until today and keep seeing lots of inspirational posts on social media. I’m not going to get into the specifics of International Women’s Day because I’m not the expert on the particular day itself. However, I AM an expert on being a woman.

In church this morning (yes, this is going somewhere), my pastor preached on what to do after putting on the Armor of God. Without getting wordy, the Armor of God are spiritual truths which one uses to stand against evil. He spoke of praying for oneself, praying for others, and praying for pastors. My pastor pointed out that we must pray for ourselves first.

Me? Put myself first in prayer? As a woman and a mother, this surprised me. Isn’t the point of my life to take care of others first? The term “self-care” is really popular right now and sometimes it can come across as being shallow. As he continued to preach, my pastor used the example of a rescuer. If a rescuer goes to help someone and he/she doesn’t take care of his/her safety FIRST, then both the rescuer and the one needing to be rescued are doomed. This made perfect sense! A firefighter can’t run into a burning building without a fireproof uniform and oxygen. A police officer cannot rescue a hostage without a bulletproof vest.

As a mother, I need to pray for myself. Before I can have the wisdom or strength to help guide my family, I must ask for God to equip me. By myself I am neither strong or wise enough. I need to put on that protective “armor” that only He can give. I’m not saying that moms should never have alone time, time with friends or a spouse, a much-deserved pedicure, or the like. I love ALL those things! But when I feel at the “end of my rope”, weary, worn down, and discouraged… I can go to the One who can provide strength, courage, and hope where there seems to be none.

Take care of yourselves, moms. It’s okay to be first sometimes.

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