Shout out to Jerry Lee’s grocery store in Pascagoula, Mississippi. This apple crisp is angelic.

My teenagers are both at friends’ houses tonight. Our oldest is home for a visit and our middle child is having fun at the fair. We spent time at home with our little one today and I told my husband that even though we still have two children at home, I still feel like an empty-nester….. I don’t like it.

It is what it is, but it got me thinking about the crazy schedules we’ve had since our older two were younger. School, football, cheerleading (both school and competition), two full-time jobs, a masters degree while working, and then a third blessing to our family have made the years fly by quickly… not without challenges or tears. As I was making some apple crisp tonight (a fall favorite), I thought about my day.

This morning, the youngest got into the bed with us and snuggled. We watched cartoons and then I got up to make muffins and coffee. After buying some Halloween treats and other items at Walmart, I went to pick up my husband’s birthday cake. The little man and I got in the swing and hunted for fall leaves. I made coffee again. My father-in-law took him to feed the cows and then it was tacos for supper… apple crisp for dessert.

The day is almost at an end, and there’s nothing I would change, except to do it again. On the hard days, I’m grateful for these memories. Don’t take the small moments for granted because small moments make these days.

One thought on “These Days

  1. The big, watershed moments of our lives are memorable, but almost all of what we call “life” on this earth for each of us is made up of literally tens of thousands, or more, of “small” moments in time. I believe that that the sum total of these are at least no less important and life-defining to us than the big events, and possibly even more so. We don’t remember all of them simply because there are so many of them, so life seems to go by so quickly as a result. But within those thousands of brief moments in time, the greatest of our personalities, characters, and belief systems are formed and seasoned; and no moment, however insignificant and brief, is unimportant to us. Especially important are those moments with those we love. Thanks, Katie, for pointing out that we should indeed treasure them. ❤️


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