Old adages are usually old because they have stood the test of time. None is more true than the one oft-used by parents whose children have reached late adolescence and/or grandparents. “They grow up too fast,” these experienced caregivers claim, and it is very true. As one who is experiencing this first-hand with a graduating senior and an upcoming sophomore in high-school, I can attest that this is the truth. I also am blessed with experiencing the baby/toddler years again, as well. Basically, I am in a neat position… not an awkward position, but a very blessed one. I would like to address the subject of the older mother… the one who had children later in life, or, like myself, started over.

Dear Older Mother,

I see you. I know it’s hard when strangers give you looks…. especially when you’re with your teenagers and said strangers are trying to figure out who the baby might belong to in the group. Awkward. Or maybe you started later in life or adopted. I know what it’s like to be asked if you are the baby’s grandparent (actually, several times, but who’s counting). The nurse asked you if you got pregnant on purpose? Yep. Been there. I know it’s tough when other moms don’t always include you or you don’t get out much because, well, you couldn’t find a sitter. What’s that? Nope. My teens don’t babysit. They have social lives, sports, homework… they ADORE their brother, but raising him is not their job. Some people you thought were friends knew about your pregnancy but never texted or called? Maybe they didn’t know what to say. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I know it was hard when the doctor said your pregnancy was high-risk and your baby “might” have issues. I absolutely understand. But it’s okay now, so just be thankful.

What I want to leave you with is that you are not an older mother. You are just simply a mother. You have the benefit of loving a baby one last time when others might not. If you have teenagers, you know that they grow up so fast, so you are blessed to have all the wonderful experiences of motherhood again. I can’t promise your little one will keep you young, but I can promise you will stay busy, happy, and loved. God bless you and your little one.


Mom of three

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