The warm, inviting mantel…the sick person in the next room.
Looking into the Southern French doors at the glimmering tree and sparkling mirror in the red foyer (pronounce foy-yaa to sound like I’m in Southern Living).

Y’all. I’m so excited I’m about to have a panic attack or laugh… or something. I’m accustomed to writing on Facebook and such, so this is new territory for me. I guess we can all just pretend I’m writing on Facebook. K?

I won’t go into fine detail about myself considering that my mom might be the only person who reads this (because she loves me). People tell me I’m funny (on Facebook). Interestingly, I’m a fairly quiet and reserved person. I tend to be funnier the harder the day has been. Erma Bombeck (one of my heroes) said that there is a fine line between humor and pain. I like to add that humor makes pain more bearable.

This, my first blog post, is actually not an attempt at humor (I’m sure I’m saving up lots for later). I just wanted to end the year by starting this blog (I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions). My title is “Perspective” because I like the two pictures I included. Just kidding. Actually, these pictures are an interesting juxtaposition. Let’s break it down. The first is of a simple but sophisticated mantel decorated with fresh greenery. So clean. What you can’t see is the bedroom to the left. It BLEW up. I’m talking couldn’t see the floor type of blown up… also, my husband was in that bedroom sick with a stomach virus. No presents were wrapped, and laundry was in piles everywhere.

Let’s look at the second picture. Look closely and you can see my older son’s legs because he’s lying on the couch FLATTENING my nice pillows and cushions. To the right (out of view) is my kitchen that at that point should probably have been condemned due to crusty dishes in the sink.

What’s the point? Perspective. It looks good to others on the outside, but we all struggle with our own messes. No one is perfect, no matter how it looks.

5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I came. I read. I enjoyed.

    Keep writing, Katie! I love your sensible, realistic, humorous outlook on what life throws at you.


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