Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either, “I wish I had,” or “I’m glad I did.”

Zig Ziglar

I missed my son’s first pitching experience in a college baseball game. I missed my son’s first pitching experience in a college baseball game. My husband was there. I wasn’t. I’m devastated.

I’ve been to many college baseball games. My husband played college baseball and my boyfriend before him. They were on the same team. It’s cool. I promise. Our older son plays college baseball now, and I watched his first game today. His college isn’t quite four hours away, but the game was 30 minutes east of us in Mobile, Alabama. Have you ever been in the middle of an experience and just know in your heart that it’s life-changing? It’s almost as if you are trying to remember every detail and soaking the whole experience in… and wishing it would never end. That was me today.

The first game was fun. I got to hug my son and watch his wonderful team. My mother-in-law watched little man at home. We didn’t think our son would pitch today. She kept little man last night so I could watch my daughter cheer at a football game. I felt like asking her to stay for the second baseball game today was selfish on my part. No good deed goes unpunished, and he was put on the mound pitching as I was opening popsicles and making ham sandwiches at home.

To say I’m grateful to see my son play baseball is an understatement. To say I’m grateful to watch my daughter cheer at football games is an understatement. There was recently a link (article) on Facebook about the importance of parents attending EVERY game their children play. Every game, huh? Here, mama bear needs to unload.

Do you work like I do? Great. You “prolly gone” miss some games.

Have a small child? I absolutely understand. Small children can’t necessarily tolerate a full day of sports. Again, you’re going to miss some games.

Game is four hours away? Yep. Can’t make that trip, huh? It’s understandable. Sometimes you’re going to miss that away game.

What’s that? Yep. Your OTHER child has a game the same stinking night? It happens. You’re going to miss one of their games to be at the other. Sucks deviled eggs, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you about being at every game.

When I was sick my whole pregnancy and on the couch with contractions, my heart was at every game.

When I miss a game because I don’t have childcare, my heart is at every game.

When a game is away and I can’t make it due to work, my heart is at every game.

And if you love your children an ounce as much as I do, your heart and your prayers are with them. Everywhere, all the time…. at every game.

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