Raise your hand if you’re riding the struggle bus. I hope so, because I can’t be all alone. John Wesley is credited as saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Oh, well… I hope he was referring to having a clean heart. The laundry from this basket is somewhere in my living room. I also have laundry in my bedroom and the laundry room (shocker!). I refuse to show my kitchen sink, floors, play room…. well, you aren’t allowed to see my house right now. It’s MESSY. Not just cluttered… I mean, applesauce on the floor, piles of bills/papers, dishes in sink messy. Here is baby boy. He’s not happy (i.e. throwing a fit). To the left is trash that needs to go and there’s a wooden Melissa and Doug toy hot dog on the floor… because. Shoes? What shoes? I don’t see any shoes. Just kidding.

I’m an all or nothing type. It’s spotless or it looks like a hurricane came through here. I’ve never been tested for ADD, but probably missed a good chance. I can’t get the house to be “acceptable “. It’s literally either magazine clean or a wreck. You know the articles/Facebook ads/blogs that say you can be/do everything? Lies. All lies. Ladies, if you can do all this, then I want to know what medication you’re taking or I must be drinking the wrong coffee.

I CANNOT do it all. You cannot do it all. It’s too much, and I’m not enough. One concern I have when writing is that people will get the impossible I’m “whining “. I always say that I’m not “complaining “, I’m “explaining “. So here goes…. I AM IN OVER MY HEAD. Get that? Please tell me you are, too. One time (once😂), someone told me that I “look like I have it together “. Does duct tape count? I do this “weird” thing where I look at another lady (usually at work) and think that her house/car/purse is all clean and organized. Anyone else do this?

My mom tells me to delegate. Did I mention that I like things done a certain way? It’s hard to watch someone do it “not my way”. I’ve all but stopped looking at Southern Living… standards are a little too high for me right now. The other night it occurred to me (a little late) that the laundry and dishes will never truly be finished. So discouraging! So what do we do? I don’t know except to do what we can, when we can, the best we can.

So my best isn’t good enough this week….or the next week or the next. I guess that will just have to be enough.

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